Buying Used Books

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When buying textbooks, you have about four options: purchase new, purchase used, rent, or copy. Reach comes with its group of forfeits, although some approaches clearly save you more money than others. You may even must combine several methods to get everything you would like. The savings are led to by the details, while they all seem clear-cut. In this post, we’ll take a look at ways to get the most for the money no matter the direction you choose.

In the event you need to cover the most money when purchasing a new textbook: go to your own campus bookstore you most likely already know the most effective strategy. You should stay away –and we’ll offer lots of options in this post– unless you can not locate what you want anyplace else. You’ll have difficulty finding every other store which will charge you more cash when it comes to publications that are new.

Big retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or maybe an area bookstore, should offer better deals all around. Whether you’re purchasing online or in person, watch out for coupons and deals to save a little extra. Check BIGWORDS out if you would like to find the best prices across many textbook websites. It will supply comparisons for lots of methods, too, and used books to find what you desire.

You want to make a few of this cash back and should you find yourself purchasing a brand new textbook, places offer buyback programs.
Purchase Used Textbooks

If you wish to possess your textbooks but do not mind a little wear and tear, purchase used. With all these choices online, you need to pay attention to websites which have quality evaluations or allow you to inquire about the quality of the textbook. While a slightly beat up book will serve you along with a shiny new one, you need to know you won’t end up with a torn-up book spine or pages filled with cartoon penises (unless that’s your thing).

Additionally, check the shop’s return policy for those special occasions where you do, indeed, end up in need of replacement with a spineless, genital-ridden textbook. A Google search will turn up an almost endless supply of used textbook retailers, sorting through them all is a bit of a chore instead of all have a great standing. Here’s an excellent set of starting points:

BIGWORDS (comparison website)
CampusBooks (comparison website)

You are likely to desire to find the cheapest cost regardless of how you are buying. Seeking a number of sites individually can be a pain. CampusBooks and BIGWORDS show you everything in a pleasant, organized list as well as assist you to determine buyback worth so you could factor that into your final decision.

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  1. gogettergypsy says:

    Great post! I buy used books at the bookstore. I didn’t realize there were so many options.

  2. pdoris902 says:

    Yeah there are some online options too that you can use. It’s really handy especially if you have a kindle.

    • troortiz197 says:

      Can you provide a link for the online options? I’d definitely be interested. I am a science major. I might as well have a bag for of bricks.

  3. esbsks says: gets my vote i’ve used them several times. Its really easy and painless.

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