Carrying Debt

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Conventional wisdom maintains that borrowing for higher education is a debt that is worth the investment, since people who have college degrees earn about a million dollars more than individuals that have only a high school diploma over the span of their careers. While that is still accurate, a fresh study looks at an unmarked side effect of student debt that will haunt borrowers all of the way into retirement.

“Millennials without student loans are 60 percent more inclined to increase their company match compared with those who find themselves paying instruction loans,” LIMRA reported in a recent blog post regarding the findings.

For pupils with $50,000 in debt, which isn’t unusual for those who go on to earn masters or , the degrees doctorate success to their nest egg is almost $530,000.

The upshot is the fact that millennials are paying off their student loans in the expense of the retirement savings, a tradeoff that could cost them down the line.

Not that they’ve much option: Student loan debt must be prioritized (although many have indicated that default rates are reaching troubling percentages) because there is not any means to remove it: No charge offs, no insolvency. Lawmakers have attempted to remove a few of the red tape -based repayment plans, but success was mixed.

Compounding this difficulty is the truth that the young adults of today entered the job market and many had their early career dreams derailed by lengthy stints of un- or underemployment. Typical student loan debts have secondary, but the individuals carrying those debts are not landing great -paying jobs the way they might have anticipated.

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5 Responses

  1. lann1 says:

    I know for a fact that student with debt not contributing to their match 401K. I have a $400/mo student loan. I need every penny here in the short term to make ends meet.

  2. dean_mas says:

    I can attest to their being no way to charge off student loans. Basically its like warts. You get’em you got it for life.

  3. nativedt says:

    So I guess we have lawyers to thank for that. Darn scum of the earth that they are… After lawschool before the law changes, law students would claim bankruptcy and wipe out their student loan debt. Basically they got away with a free education. Low and behold law makers closed the loophole, predatory loan providers stepped in upped the interest, and started handing away loans. Basically like the housing crisis without an out.

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