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You Graduated-Now what?

Ok, you have got your diploma, as well as your faculty ride is around–what to anticipate on Planet Graduate? Job one is to, well, find work.


Getting a Headstart on Your Career

University students and new alumni all face the exact same predicament: you’ve got the instruction, but without significant work experience under your belt, how do you distinguish yourself in the remaining mob and convince companies that you are the one they need to hire for their next entry-level opening?


Tips for Getting an Internship

Are you a college Junior or Senior getting nervous about your prospects post-college? The best way to help your stock is to get an internship within the industry you want to work. But how do you get an internship? Here are some tips


Top College Jobs

Odds are you are strapped for cash, or in case you are not if you are a college student, you had at least like to get a little more of it.