Commuter College

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Every year, thousands of students attend schools and universities across the country. Schools are chosen by these students for a number of motives, including if the school is commuter-based or offers on-campus living.

You can find disadvantages and advantages to both scenarios. Research the huge benefits and downfalls of living arrangements before a choice is made.

Dorm Living

Kids are usually housed, clothed and fed entirely by Mom and Dad, before heading off to school. The tenets of the home would have to be fulfilled, and there could have been small room for personal space.

College students are accountable for basic care, scheduling and their particular meals. Parents aren’t about to cater to their child’s every need, and kids also possess the independence to decide on their own friends.

While dorm living is not disadvantageous to some, it may be hard for other people to adjust. Individuals who are not self- regulated may find that lacking an authority figure around causes them to become lax in their studies and overall demeanor. They may spend additional time socializing than focusing on education. Additionally they may learn a tough lesson about handling finances.

There will be extra expenses for furnishings dorm lease, food as well as other essentials. Additionally, roommates are typical at most dormitories, and there’s no guarantee that roommates will prove harmonious.

Living on campus also can instill feelings of isolation and homesickness in a few pupils. Such students have trouble adapting to their new surroundings and often miss the support system of residence.


Commuting to school has advantages too, most notably the monetary benefits. Pupils and their families won’t have to pay additional for apartment dwelling or a dorm room by the school, and they can still enjoy the conveniences of home life and meals at home.

Commuter schools are often located in towns or cities with higher populations and means of transportation to get to the school. Students may come and go as they please and still have their “outside of school” life that you may be used to.

Relaxation is also a benefit when commuting to school, many students love. Commuter students may study in the quiet of their own room rather than be subjected to the sounds and events going on around the dorm. Students likewise don’t have to share a space or wonder about safety problems from on- campus living.

Nevertheless, many contend that the same faculty experience isn’t offered by commuter schools as ones where students live away from home. When commuting to school, pupils are typically still residing at home. Those still living at home are governed by parents’ rules and regulations and might as dependent as their on- campus counterparts. Also, commuters frequently do not feel the same engagement in the campus community. When faced with attending campus events, sports games or pep rallies, commuters might be less probable to partake in these tasks.

Commuting to school also needs students to factor the time it will take to get to and from your campus a concern, to their program for pupils who will not be used to commuting. Those without a vehicle in their own might find the commute notably hard and time consuming.

Commuter schools and full-service campuses can each provide a quality education in addition to distinct edges and disadvantages contingent upon the pupil.

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5 Responses

  1. qualco99 says:

    it all really depends are where you are commuting to. If you are within a larger city i.e. NYU or USC then you’ll be fine because most people who AREN’T in the greek system (most of us) are in the same boat as you to some extent.

  2. rblasnieto says:

    You guys are terrible. haha

  3. mister3one3 says:

    I’m went to a commuter school. It works for people with the right situation. I WILL say that I did feel like I missed out on a lot of the college experience, but the cost/benefit was MORE than justified.

    • reneka429 says:

      i’m with ya there. With the amount of you money you can save by not living on campus you can go to Vegas and buy WAAAAY hotter chicks that you’ll probably get further with LOL

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