Computer Labs to the Rescue

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The demands of computer labs useful for teaching seem to be converging into multi-use, technology-enriched teaching spaces with features of classrooms and labs. The uses of classrooms and computer labs were independent and distinct. Classrooms were designed for small or lectures seminars, and computer laboratories were made to support technology for student homework or for students to learn about the technology. The use of technology exclusively identified as a classroom or a lab and longer empowers spaces to be flexible.

We additionally reviewed research findings from another project that implemented a aEURoesmart classroomaEUR because our research findings revealed multiple and diverse uses of a single space? in a tiny space previously used as a pc lab. The developments to the space were not major, with the focus on which technologies could best be used to improve teaching and learning. Our decisions were affected by the findings about changing Cornell lab spaces by utilizing similar thoughts.

Bright classrooms have sometimes been criticized as wasteful aEURoemisallocationsaEUR? of resources. Strauss4 finds fault with educators who amass lots of expensive multimedia equipment and declare a space to be a smart classroom. So any plan to transform a laboratory space must contemplate the entire space by which learning happens and not stop in the door of the classroom or laboratory. Besides, implementing cellular technology might be a better investment aEUR” it contemplates the broader range of where and how learning can happen. This recommendation to stay flexible also matches our focus group findings of what users want in a lab space aEUR” they need it redesigned into a more flexible learning space.

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4 Responses

  1. svining101 says:

    In my experience the only reason most students use the computer labs these days is if there are specialty programs that they don’t have on their laptops. You can get a cheap college computer for like $300 these days. That’s basically a drop in the bucket if you are paying to go for college anyhow.

    • bmacconnell44 says:

      I agree. I’m an architecture student and there was a lot of programs that you HAD to go to the computer lab for. Its a really good place to meet with others from your school too. We’re all in the same boat. 🙂

  2. jesusmariam says:

    Computer labs are HUGE at my community college. Money is really tight. I’m just grateful they are available

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