Hardest Majors

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Alright so you’re going to college, but not all majors are created equal. So what are the 5 hardest?

Engineering: Engineers, congratulations, now you eventually have some evidence for what you have been telling everyone all along: yours is the major. From substance to civil to electrical to mechanical, the classes you take in geology, physics, calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology, and other demanding prerequisites provide you with the greatest speed of Cs for any major and the cheapest rate of As. Because of this, the trail has a notoriously high dropout rate some have pegged as high as 60% per year.

Life sciences: It is a rare student who doesn’t discover at least one or two concepts that trip him up in cell biology class. The life sciences include physiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, biology, genetics, zoology, and more catchy areas, landing this field only behind engineering on the low GPA spectrum.

Business & management: You might believe what your manager does is easy in any way, and you may be correct; a degree in management might be not what makes this group a difficult one. It properties here thanks to the challenges of having a diploma in accounting or finance.

Physical sciences: Physics, chemistry, and geology fold making it among the most difficult paths to take on in school. Along with the stiff battle doesn’t end after graduation. A glut of an undesirable economy grads, and also a move toward cleaner energy has created a troubling prognosis for chemistry majors.

Social/behavioral sciences: This class is apparently a popular choice for students seeking an easy A, but they could do so more easily by picking another thing. The social and behavioral sciences encapsulate what’re sometimes known as the “soft sciences”: psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and political science. Although they may be a lot more closely related by GPA to some of the major entrances that are easy than they’re to engineering, the social and behavioral sciences house the fourth-lowest number of full time workers and so are linked for median degree completion time that is shortest.

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5 Responses

  1. eugene_hurt says:

    Business Management isn’t that tough either. There is just a higher percentage of dumber people that are taking that so the scores are watered down. This article sucks

  2. humboldt says:

    Wow where is CIS? This article is way off.

  3. chickeronies says:

    Seriously social sciences? How many dumb jocks do you know are taking Psychology and Sociology. They are plain dumb except maybe Stanford students.

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