Moving into the Dorm

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Its a big day, for many of you its your first time away from home at your brand-new college dorm.

1. Purchase an affordable hand-truck. You can find them at places like Home Depot. Your back will thank you.

2.Only because the dorm comes with an elevator—do not bank on consistently getting easy access to it. So that some lighter things will probably be transported via stairs plan.

3. Do not assume beds will bunk that easily. It took us five people working collectively to compel the metal framework beds to bunk bed and 15 minutes. Also, don’t give up at first, it can likely be only need to get the right pressure on all four legs of the bed concurrently. Here’s where students who are to the football or wrestling teams be convenient.

4.Dress cooly. You’ll sweat.

5. Suggest keeping the packing boxes for large items (refrigerator, TV’s, printers). This will make them prone to being scratched or damaged –and better to move out in the Springtime as well as back in next Fall.

6.The leading crush appears to not be late each morning when the dorms open for move in. Probably easier to have delay entrance and a leisurely breakfast until after the majority of the Type A personalities clear out.

7. Bring some common tools (hammer, pliers, screw drivers). My D’s desk lamp required two sizes of Phillips screw drivers just to gather and we had to hunt down these. It might be advisable to leave an affordable group of tools with the pupil. One parent had a set in a compact, zip carrying case that fit nicely in the top desk drawer– planning that is good.

8. Determined by what kind of electrical wires are allowed (extension vs. surge strips) figure that the factory outlets in the dorm rooms will not be where your S/D needs to position their electric/electronic things. You probably need to have a few practical.

9. Check, if possible, the sizes of the furnished room furniture before coming should you consider lofting the bed. The desk had a built-in bookcase accessory to its desktop that wouldn’t clear a lofted bed in one case that we saw.

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4 Responses

  1. cathyking6795 says:

    Why wasn’t it suggested to where short shorts and and low cut tank smiling at the boys on the way in. Worked for me. Got my stuff moved in in like 20 mins flat! The best part, I was on the 3rd floor.

    • costellop says:

      haha nice one. Unfortunately I’m a dude and that would probably cause a few more problems from a “first impression” stance. lol

  2. tvefletcher63 says:

    Does anyone else think its fitting that its a picture of an Asian person going to college. lol

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