My Freshman Experience 2018

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You might have been accepted in the school of your choice and you are packed and headed out the door when the idea assails you: what will my freshman year be like? Panic may set in. Your parents may have trouble disengaging your fingers in the front door handle. The very first year is definitely different from anything that could be a good thing, although you have experienced before.
First Thing You Might Find is Little Dorm Rooms

Based on, many freshmen are surprised in the limitations both the room size along with the dorm rules put upon them. You might need to send a number of your prized properties home together with your parents. Most schools allow pupils to possess small refrigerators and TVs in their room, however you will need to work out along with your roommate who’ll bring what. In addition to that, you can find beds and desks; there is no room for your own six-foot stuffed giraffe. That small space can help it become critical that you get along with your roommate and you may or may not become best friends. You could find you grow from the high school friend who came to the same school. That is all right. However, pupils who go to school expecting to spend lots of time partying could be let down. Most freshmen will be like you. Some faculties are especially well -suited for outdoor enthusiasts.

The First Day of Courses

You are on your approach for your first class when it strikes you: you don’t have any idea where that course is. Campuses might not be small and than you planned for, it might take longer to make the trip out of your dorm to the classroom. When the school tries to offer a great liberal arts foundation for your major, the freshman year at most schools and universities is; you may take merely several introductory courses for the concentration. There will be huge amounts of writing and reading. Deadlines may not be much longer than they were in high school. In short, the workload can be overwhelming. Be frustrated and it is completely normal to feel uncertainties. Those feelings will pass as you get accustomed to the routine.
Being your Personal Manager

Together with all the responsibility of course work and with the possibilities of new encounters as well as new friends, it might be tempting to just throw out all those rules you might have had at home. You’ll likely possess a checkbook or credit card at your disposal: use it sensibly. Many school freshmen get into financial trouble from overspending. You’ll have to budget your time and effort too. Staying up all night discussing with friends in a while is fine, but it can’t become the standard.

There are numerous possibilities that lie before you, and you will find several pitfalls. It is vital to consider that soon all the uncertainty will pass. One day soon you’ll be a sophomore.

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9 Responses

  1. purpleblue says:

    I only remember about half my freshman year. 🙂 Guess I the other half can be chalked up to good times!

  2. kimleaming says:

    hahaha. You must be a hot chick or a frat guy. lol

  3. amber0 says:

    Freshman year was fun. Im a Longhorn. There is always something to do and the classes aren’t too tough early on.

  4. gizmogirl says:

    Yeah we had a simliar experience at University of Georgia. If only our football team would make it past Alabama then it would have been perfect!

  5. andersontrenton says:

    haha no one “beats” bama. Saban loses.

  6. londonMn says:

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  7. Elijah Burroughs says:

    my first year was the worst. the girl i lost my virginity to told me i was horrible in bed. then my roommate tried to have sex with me when we were drunk. then my RA was mad that i wouldnt buy drugs from him. talk about a weird freshmen year. at least i still got a 2.5 gpa

  8. bonnie says:

    My freshman year of college felt like my senior year of high school all over again.

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