Studying Outdoors

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You are back on campus and feeling great. The current weather is warming up and you’re still high on the relaxation and rejuvenation from Spring Break. There’s just one thing that stands in your way of utter ecstasy: Spring Quarter. Recall? There are ten weeks of class left before liberty that is entire! Therefore I am going to tell you why analyzing outside is crucial to remaining concentrated this quarter, Spring Quarter proves to be the most difficult quarter to stay concentrated, I know for me

You are likely to Feel Guilty if You Do Not

I know after having a day of studying inside on a day that is stunning, I feel guilty that I squandered such a delightful day indoors. Yes, another day like this may come again, when one day that is fine will be the last before a week of showers, but in Seattle you never know. Luckily at UW, you will find lots of outdoor study spots for you acquire some serious work done and to create camp for some time.

You’ll Get More Done

I have found that when I go outside to study, I’m more prone to get work done. Checking Facebook and Twitter is a lot harder when sunlight is placing an enormous glare in your notebook. You’ll be forced to focus in reading those five chapters for English class or working the additional “back of the novel” chemistry issues when notifications from social media are not always distracting you. Another reason why you’ll get more work done studying outside is the fact that others will surround you. In your dorm room you’re alone all the time, making it easier to let distractions get the very best of you. Outdoors, surrounded by your peers, you’ll necessarily feel more compelled to get something done, plus those dorm distractions are eliminated.

You will Feel More Social

An ample social life and studying are just two aspects of college which are not typically linked together. Social interaction between study sessions is great for your sanity while good grades really are a requirement for success in school. You’re surrounded by groups playing Frisbee, friends and others getting work done just just like you, when you analyze outside. Being around other folks alone is going to make you feel less isolated while studying for midterms and more social.

Spring Quarter, while I still believe is the hardest to concentrate in, provides the most opportunity to stay sane amidst the UW program that is rigorous. Our beautiful campus and the pleasant days that are regular lend themselves to an ideal study environment for Spring Quarter. Next time you find yourself overloaded with work on a nice day, take advantage of all spring in Seattle has to offer and find your spot in the quad to alleviate some of your stress.

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6 Responses

  1. csninnes says:

    This article was definitely written AFTER spring break. Notice there was not mention about Winter session lol

  2. jayzlpn says:

    I’d like to study these chicks. lol

  3. riverajenn19 says:

    I agree with this article. Being outside make you feel more social and makes you feel like you did something else in addition to just studying.

  4. mark.l.kell says:

    I used to study outside all the time. I went to UCSD. We all did. You couldn’t ask for a more serene and eye candy-laden place to knock out your studies.

  5. reneD says:

    These chicks are enough to make me study outside for sure 🙂

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