You Graduated-Now what?

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OK, you have got your diploma, as well as your faculty ride is around–what to anticipate on Planet Graduate?

Job one is to, well, find work.

To do that prepare for job interviews, you will have to write a fantastic resume, and begin the work search.

That is assuming you’ve got an inkling of everything you wish to do to get a career. But in case you do not–not an unusual scenario for recent college graduates–check out our post about investigating career paths.

To start your job search campaign, attend job fairs and career seminars either or on campus. Keep tabs on the site of your faculty –most have livelihood areas that can point you.

It is also a good idea to investigate your college’s alumni centre, which will offer career leads and career counseling. Even after you have graduated and you are well off campus, your college can point one to alumni gatherings where you can network and ideally assemble some profession connections and job leads.

Of course, there are a slew of internet job boards, many that cater to new college graduates, on which to complete profiles and set up job searches.

And don’t forget that you’ll need to begin paying back your student loans! Read up on payment options, consolidation and deferment here.

Possibly remaining in school for a graduate degree is a better choice for you; here are a few things to think about before making the obligation for that advanced degree.

For another good Web-based workshop about what to expect after college graduation, visit Texas A&M’s Cash Wise Aggie.
Investigating Careers After College Graduation

You’ve survived– and thrived from–your undergraduate school experience.

Now it’s time to start on the path to your selected profession, where two paths lie in front of you. One is a direct course into a job, and another one is an oblique path, via part time work, more education, or an internship.

Read on for tips on where to start your search for your career course.
Making Your Curriculum Vitae

Now that school is in your rear-view mirror, the next pit stop is the computer–where your mission will be to develop the best resume.

Resumes are the “narrative of you,” and a great one can mean the difference between landing your dream job right from college or missing out.

The keys into a cv that resonates with hiring managers? Emphasize the “Three C’s”–be concise, clear and compelling. Read on to learn more concerning the elements that result in an excellent resume.
Strategies For Perfecting the Job Interview

Job interviews are a walking, talking cv, i.e., the “narrative of you.” Make no mistake, ace an interview can mean the difference between acquiring your dream job out of college or missing out.

The keys to an interview that resonates with hiring managers? Keep reading for more tips on the best way to prepare for job interviews.
Should You Go to Grad School?

When you accept that undergraduate college diploma, and don your cap and gown, you’ve got an interesting–and possibly life-altering–decision to generate.

If you go direct to the work force, or in the event you add more luster to your curriculum vitae and proceed to graduate school?

If it’s graduate school, you have opened up myriad other problems; mostly fiscal–and instruction–related ones that order where you’ll attend graduate school and what you’ll examine. You’ll probably also have to prepare to take a rigorous standardized test, like the GRE (required for nearly all graduate programs), GMAT (for business school), MCAT (for medical school), or LSAT (for law school).

The key? Keep those two themes in balance and graduate school could actually be for you. Read on to learn more about how you can determine.
Pay Off Student Loans the Bright Way

Studies reveal that student loans could become the following economic “bubble” afflicting Americans. Especially younger Americans like you.

However, some clever planning can negate or at the very least minimize the tall order of paying off your student loans. Whether it is even deferring opportunities from Uncle Sam to manage your student loan debt, or great budgeting, a bright consolidation strategy, these options are all in play.

You have to learn the best way to use them. Keep reading to find out the best way to stay at the top of paying off your college loans.

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10 Responses

  1. Edgar Pacheco says:

    i found that most companies are looking for some sort of experience so i might go back to take some classes that will give me experience in the business field.

  2. Justin Wilson says:

    i graduated college a year and a half ago. im still working as a bartender/server. i make more money than half my friends who graduated with me. sometimes i think if i wasted my time getting my degree.

  3. MICHAEL says:

    4 years of college get you right where you could’ve been 4 years prior… working on the bottom floor. Why not start working then advance your education online as needed to move up. Then you have experience and education 4 years after you graduate.

  4. natashathigpen says:

    Graduation is the start of your life in poverty due to your student loan debt.

  5. fairitymc says:

    Graduation is the day your butt is dropped into the big pond.

  6. costellop says:

    After college it was a huge fall from grace for me and most of my friends. I had to move back in my my parents and start looking for a job. When I finally got one. I LITERALLY had to get coffee and do the grunt work. All I kept thinking was “did I really spend 4 years busting my ass for this!”

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